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Having a professional dental cleaning may seem a bit intimidating to some. However, modern technology has made dentistry relatively painless and extremely efficient. Sedation is often used in many dental procedures to assist in relieving dental anxiety, as well as any stress you might feel when you go to the dentist. Here are a few options that exist.

Intravenous Sedation: A sedative is administered directly into the bloodstream through the use of an IV. This form of sedation is very effective and extremely fast. It can also be easily monitored and controlled.

Deep Sedation: This involves the use of general anesthesia, which is generally thought to be the strongest sedative. This will put patients into a deep sleep, where they remain until the sedation has worn off.

Gas Sedation: Also called nitrous oxide or laughing gas, this type of sedation is typically used for patients with dental anxiety. It wears off very quickly, so will likely be able to drive yourself home from your dental appointment.

Ingested Sedation: This is a type of oral medication that is easily customizable based on dosage and the desired effect. However, oral sedation does take a while for the sedative to take effect, often up to an hour.

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