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Teenagers have some unique oral health risks and tooth hazards that can affect the look and quality of their smiles. These years are a common time to receive the wisdom teeth, play high contact sports and undergo orthodontic treatment. To help our teenage patients have great smiles that are protected by good oral health, we encourage healthy dental habits.

Preventing tooth damage is done by maintaining proper oral health care habits and taking steps to avoid oral accidents. Harmful dental habits such as oral piercings, smoking and using drugs are popular but can come at the cost of your smile, and avoiding these poor habits could help you have a lifetime of excellent dental health and beautiful teeth.

If you are involved in sports or any time, you could easily sustain mouth injuries as a result of an oral accident resulting in blunt dental trauma. It’s important to wear the proper safety gear while practicing or playing a game, and this may include a sports mouth guard and face mask to prevent losing a tooth or fracturing your jaw.

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