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Overcome dental anxiety with sedation dentistry. With various types of sedatives, patients can be calmed and relaxed for all manner of treatments. Whether the patient is simply looking to be numbed or calmed more effectively, or even put to sleep, there is a form of sedation that can be used.

For mild sedatives, gas is often used. The combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide is called laughing gas and has been proven to be highly effective in dentistry. One of the primary features of laughing gas is that it has no long-term effects, and the patient is safe to drive themselves home after receiving it.

Another common form of sedation is via a pill or tablet that is taken orally. Oral sedation takes a while to work, so it is often given up to an hour in advance. If a sedative needs to be given that will work almost immediately, a sedative can be injected directly into the bloodstream. With both sedatives, dosages can be changed depending on the level of sedation necessary. If a deep sleep is required for a comprehensive treatment, anesthesia can be used to put a patient into a deep sleep.

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