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Nowadays, most dentists offer dental implants to help restore missing teeth; however, placing a dental implant is a complicated procedure that needs to be done correctly in order to ensure positive and long-lasting results. Just as you wouldn’t go to a cardiologist to receive knee surgery, you should not go to a dentist if you need oral surgery. While many dentists may be trained to perform implant procedures, an oral surgeon has advanced training to safely, accurately, and successfully place your implant. In short, having an actual oral surgeon perform the procedure is a much better option

Oral surgery is a specialized field within dentistry, and in order to become an oral surgeon, one must complete extensive training. Oral surgeons complete four years of dental school, just like a general dentist; however, oral surgeons must also complete an additional three to four years of specialized training that is focused on various oral surgery procedures. While general dentists can receive basic training about implants during dental school or through continuing education courses, oral surgeons have invested a greater amount of time and practice to performing advanced oral surgeries.

When an unfortunate complication or emergency situation happens, an oral surgeon has the training to provide immediate care. Should a complication arise with a general dentist, odds are your treatment will have to be postponed, and you will be referred to an oral surgeon. You can save yourself some potential trouble and go to an oral surgeon in the beginning.

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