Dr. Friedrichs and Dr. Abraham use dental imaging software to simulate your future smile before we begin treatment! Using digital imaging, we can take pictures of your teeth, which our sophisticated computer system then uses to create the predicted “after” image of your teeth. Call 281-205-4717 today to learn more about our dental imaging software and to make your appointment with our talented dentists.

When you visit our office for your dental treatments, we may ask, “How do you like your smile?” Our dentists will consult with you about the different treatment options we offer, and after deciding on a treatment plan, use our dental imaging software to help you see what the end result of your dental care will be. Using advanced dental imaging, we will take pictures of your teeth, and then digitally modify those images according to the treatment plan you have selected to display the projected final result.

Dental imaging software is a great tool for helping us plan and execute dental procedures and treatments. This technology allows us to adjust our dental care, helping to achieve the results we want without unnecessary time or treatments, saving you both time and money at our office.

For more information on dental imaging software, please contact our practice and make your appointment with one of our dentists today.