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Jaw pain can be a debilitating condition because your jaw is important for so many issues within your mouth. Not only does it help to assist with chewing and eating food, but can also play a role in speaking. For this reason, it is important to always make sure you’re aware of all causes of jaw pain and treatment plans they can be implemented to help protect your smile. Essential information regarding jaw pain is as follows:

– Jaw and facial pain can be caused by underlying ailments in your body including sinus problems.

– Oral health ailments including toothaches and infections are known causes of jaw and facial pain.

– Underlying conditions such as TMJ disorders, periodontal disease, and bruxism are all known to help contribute to bad breath.

– Oral accidents and injuries can lead to immediate jaw and facial pain.

– In order to treat jaw and facial pain, it is important to use any medications necessary to help lessen the pain. This includes muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics.

– To help treat underlying conditions associated with jaw pain, root canal therapies, periodontal treatments, and tooth extractions may be needed.

– Mouth protectors and oral health exercises are known to be extremely effective for treating jaw pain.

Don’t wait for a jaw and facial pain treatment. If you would like to know if you require care for your jaw and facial pain, please schedule an oral exam with Dr. Rick G. Friedrichs and Dr. Mabel Abraham at Rick Friedrichs, DDS and Associates at our dentist office in Tomball, Texas, by calling 281-205-4717 today!