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Dental implants can increase your chances for your perfect fall smile by filling out your facial structure and filling in any gaps left behind by damaged or missing teeth. If these spaces are not filled in, they can cause nearby teeth to slide and move, and the spaces can also begin to harbor dangerous bacteria and food particles, which can lead to an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Read on for some useful facts about dental implants in Tomball, Texas:

– Dental implants can be customized and shaped to fit comfortably in the spaces left behind by missing teeth.
– When your implants are installed into the jawbone, a process called osseointegration arises. The bond between bone and implant will grow stronger and will come to support the implant better.
– If you have any lost or missing teeth, your facial structure can be altered. Not only will your face appear much more thin and weak, but you will also look older too. Dental implants can aesthetically reverse the aging progression in your face that can arise due to tooth loss.
– Dentures can shift around inside your mouth, and can often come loose when tough or chewy food such a steak is consumed. However, dental implants will hold strong in nearly any circumstance, allowing you to eat any foods you desire.
– If you suffer from multiple missing teeth, your jawbone can weaken over time without something to hold on to. Dental implants replace your missing teeth and tooth roots, resulting in a stronger jaw and more functional smile and mouth.
– Dental implants require zero food restrictions.
– Dental implants can lead to a boost in your self-image.

Are you in need of an oral surgeon? No matter the needs you require from your smile, our team can help. Dr. Friedrichs, Dr. Abraham, and our team can have a consultation with you to determine if dental implants are right for you. To schedule a visit, call us at 281-205-4717. We look forward to seeing you smile bright this season!