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Most likely you have heard that sugar is bad for your teeth. However, did you know other foods can stain your teeth or cause them to discolor? If you are seeking a white smile, then think about the foods you are eating and what the can do to your oral health.

Our dentists, Dr. Rick G. Friedrichs and Dr. Mabel Abraham in Tomball, Texas, care about your oral health and encourage you to brush twice a day and floss each day for a healthy white smile. That is because some common foods can cause your teeth to discolor or become harmful to your teeth, which is why oral hygiene is essential. Here are some delicious foods that can stain or harm your teeth:

  • Red wine has dark hues and high acidity that can stain your teeth over time. However, white wine contains higher acidity than red wine does, which can cause more discoloration in a yellowish hue and damage to your teeth as well.
  • A common spice called curry is prevalent in many dishes across the globe. The thick yellow pigment in curry contains a yellow hue that can cling to your teeth and cause severe staining or discoloration over time.
  • Coffee is made from dark beans and substances that can quickly stain your teeth and cause them to discolor swiftly.
  • Tomatoes are high in acidity and bright red in most cases. As a result, pasta sauce can stain your teeth in continuous exposure.
  • Balsamic vinegar is commonly known as a healthy addition to a diet when appropriately used. However, the dark natural color balsamic vinegar contains can stain your teeth.
  • Teas can cause your white teeth to fade and eat away at your tooth enamel, including white teas.
  • Sodas and sports drinks contain many dyes that can stain your teeth. The sugar in sodas can also generate more bacteria and plaque buildup in your teeth causing extreme damage.

One interesting fact is, studies show if you do devour some of these foods, mix them with vegetables like kale, spinach, and other healthy greens because they can blend well with the dyes in the foods and help brush away the dark hues from your teeth while you eat. Also, some foods like apples and pears, contain high water counts which can effortlessly slide around your teeth, making these foods act like a natural floss.

No matter what you decide to eat in your life, the significant thing to remember when keeping your teeth clean is proper oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day and flossing every day is the key in the white and beautiful glow of your smile. It is essential to keep your teeth clean so that you can preserve them for a lifetime.

If you are ready for a teeth-whitening treatment, or if you have questions about your oral health, please call us today at 281-205-4717 for a dental checkup. Our dental team is happy to help you and strive to give you a white smile you can be truly proud of.